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Legal Warrior Ashley Barganquast Runs the Stadion Spartan

Posted by Joseph Tully | Dec 09, 2021

Ashley Bargenquast

At Tully & Weiss, we strive to heroically defend Justice. Attorney Ashley Bargenquast is a true warrior in the courtroom, and outside as well. Here she is competing in the Stadion Spartan race at Oracle Stadium on Saturday December 4th. She completed the challenge in 1 hour 2 min. 38 secs.

The 5K, 20 obstacle Stadion is fast, intense, and all about camaraderie. Drawing on functional fitness training, it's a true test of speed, strength and willpower. The Stadion is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Dig her “I HEART Cannabis Compliance” shirt! Well done Ashley!

Ashley Bargenquast Spartan Medal

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