Are You Facing a Criminal Charge in a Contra Costa, Alameda, or Other California Court?

How Can A California Crime Conviction Affect Your Future?

California prosecutors and courts take criminal activity very seriously. This is reflected in California's mandatory sentencing laws, gun and gang enhancements, and California's Three Strikes Law. As a result, being convicted of a felony like marijuana charges, drug crimes, domestic violence, murder, manslaughter, firearm offenses, burglary, theft, assault, sex offenses, or white collar charges in the state of California could lead to substantial penalties. This includes fines, prison sentences, and a damaging criminal record.

False Accusations, Misunderstood Self Defense…Innocent People are Charged too Often

But with the intense war on crime comes the accusation of innocent people. Police officers and law enforcement are working for the prosecution, helping to build a case against you from the very first encounter. False accusations, acts of self-defense, accidents and misidentification are only a handful of reasons innocent people are charged with criminal activity.

Whether you are innocent of the charges, found yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, or are guilty and want the least possible penalty, time is of the essence. Once you have been questioned regarding an investigation, or arrested for a criminal offense, you must immediately begin to devise a defense strategy to protect your rights and preserve your future. Aggressive Bay Area Criminal Defense Lawyers at Tully & Weiss can help.

Lawyer Up Quickly – Prosecutors & Law Enforcement are already Building a Case

With four decades of criminal defense experience, our Contra Costa-based Tully & Weiss criminal defense attorneys are essential for your best defense to have charges reduced, dropped entirely, or presenting an effective and powerful defense at trial.

Our office is located steps from the courthouse in Martinez, Contra Costa County and we represent clients in Santa Clara, Alameda, San Francisco Counties and throughout California in both State and Federal court.

California Criminal Laws: Our Elite Defense Lawyers Help With All Charges

We are available 24/7 and can quickly meet you in jail or at your location. Start your defense on the right track from the very first step. High-quality representation is a phone call away.

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Areas of California criminal law our expert Tully & Weiss law firm works with include:

  • Marijuana Chargespossession of paraphernalia, possession for personal use, cultivation, possession with intent to sell, sale (or gift, import or transport) of marijuana, production, intent to sell, or sale of concentrated cannabis (hashish);
  • Drug Crimesmarijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin possession, sale, transport and manufacturing;
  • Domestic Violencecorporal (bodily) injury to a spouse or cohabitant, domestic battery, child abuse, child endangerment, elder abuse, criminal threats;
  • Murder – Manslaughterfirst-degree murder, second-degree murder, voluntary manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter;
  • Gun & Firearm Offensescarrying a concealed weapon, improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, felony possession, firing or shooting an object into an occupied building, illegal sale of a firearm, possession of an assault weapon;
  • Burglary Charges: first-degree burglary, second-degree burglary;
  • Theft Crimes: petty theft, petty with a prior, grand theft, larceny, shoplifting;
  • Assault – Battery: attempted assault, simple battery, battery on a peace officer, battery causing serious bodily injury, sexual battery, elder abuse;
  • Sex Offenseslewd conduct, child pornography, registration violation;
  • Rape Defense: rape, spousal rape, date rape, statutory rape;
  • White Collar Charges: RICO violations/racketeering, bank fraud, Medicare fraud, mortgage fraud, public corruption, conspiracy charges, drug trafficking, marijuana crimes, internet pornography;
  • Expungements: eligibility evaluations, applications, hearings;
  • Driving Crimes: DUI, drunk driving, drugged driving, vehicular manslaughter.

If you have been arrested, charged or even questioned relating to a crime, you may feel hopeless and frightened – or perhaps that it isn't too serious. Don't panic and don't take it lightly. Hiring an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney is the MOST important thing you can do at this time if you want to preserve life as you know it.

Our founding attorney, Joseph Tully, is sought out for his expert legal advice throughout California. With over 15 years' experience as a criminal lawyer, in 1000+ felony and other cases, Tully served as felony trial counsel as a public defender before launching Tully & Weiss 10 years ago.

Joseph Tully is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, an elite certification awarded to less than 1% of California lawyers by the California Board of Legal Specialization and Joseph Tully has been listed among National Trial Lawyers' “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” multiple years.

How Do We Defend You Against A California Crime Charge?

Joseph Tully has an extraordinary record of victories in high profile cannabis trials from Redding to Contra Costa County and a precedent-setting win in a hotly contested Stand Your Ground murder trial. His diligence and meticulous preparation has resulted in scores of great outcomes for cases others declared impossible.

Joseph's new non-fiction book, California: State of Collusion, reports on Tully's first-hand observations of massive and frequent misconduct by law enforcement, prosecution and government officials.

This is the same misconduct our defense lawyers spotlight when defending our clients. We make the State prove every element of their case prior to considering any plea offer – more work for us, more work for them and a frequently excellent outcome.

Prosecutors know our defense team will uncover any trace of police misconduct or negligence, expose untruthful witnesses, seek to exclude defective evidence, and assure the judge and jury are aware of every circumstance and true fact scenario.

The optimal defense is built early and strikes hard. If you are facing marijuana charges, other drug crimes, domestic violence, murder, manslaughter, gun and firearm offenses, burglary, theft, assault, battery, sex offenses, rape, white collar charges, or driving crimes in any California courts, our expert criminal defense attorneys want to hear your side of the story.