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Criminal attorney Joseph Tully, legal author and expert for national media outlets, leads an aggressive team of investigators, lawyers, and paralegals with a great record of positive outcomes. If you are charged with a crime in the San Francisco Bay Area or elsewhere, our complete focus will be on keeping you out of jail and minimizing the effect of criminal charges on your career, family, and future. 

You may know Joseph from the news for his landmark Stand Your Ground self-defense win, his seven current marijuana criminal defense trial victories, or perhaps you have read about his new book California: State of Collusion that exposes and spotlights outrageous law enforcement misconduct prevalent throughout the California criminal justice system.

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Criminal Lawyers in Contra Costa & Alameda Counties and all Northern CA Courts

Joseph Tully and the Tully Weiss team have an exceptional track record with felony and misdemeanor charges throughout Contra Costa and Alameda Counties and across California including:

Tully Weiss has a superb level of criminal trial experience including rough and complex trials against shrewd prosecutors in front of tough juries. In fact, Joseph has achieved the elite expert status of California Criminal Law Specialist, a State Bar designation affirming his beyond-the-norm experience, expertise, and effectiveness in criminal law.

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Charged with a Crime or Believe you are Under Police Investigation? We Act Quickly.

Whether you live in a Contra Costa suburb like Lafayette, Orinda, or Danville, you’re a metro dweller in Oakland or San Francisco, or reside in a more rural Northern California town – to the State of California, you are just a number. Once you have been charged with a crime and are sitting in Contra Costa jail or other jail facility, the government has zero concern for your circumstances, explanations, family, job, or future. Their only interest is jailing you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Law enforcement and prosecutors expect you to not fight back, quickly cave, and accept whatever consequences an often political and always conviction-rate-focused District Attorney sends your way.

At Tully Weiss we know there is ALWAYS a defense. Our team cares about you and we ALWAYS fight back.

Our investigators know the clerks, cops, investigators, and prosecutors so we can quickly learn what’s going on and plan your best defense or get the charges quickly dismissed.

Prosecutors know we will not back down, we make it a fair fight. Among the actions we take immediately for every client are:

  • If you are in custody we demand an immediate bail hearing and work towards release without bail or at a minimal bond;
  • We demand and receive early on the proof against you including police reports, witness statements, and physical evidence and scrutinize each for defects;
  • We review your charges and arrest for violations of your Constitutional rights or police misconduct;
  • Our investigators go to work to expose untruthful witnesses, reveal tainted evidence, uncover lies or speculation in the government’s case, and identify any history of disciplinary problems among the police involved in your case.

Joseph Tully and his legal team uncover every defect in the prosecutor’s case. We do this and much more for every client, quickly and long before a trial to find a way to have the charges reduced to something nominal or completely dismissed with minimal disruption to your life, family, and job.

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How is Tully Weiss Different from other Criminal Law Firms?

We always ask clients why they select our defense firm to represent them in what might be the most challenging times of their lives. Responses include some or all of these reasons for selecting our experienced criminal defense team:

  • Our reputation for outworking the police and prosecutors – we make them prove beyond doubt every element of their case with bona fide evidence & witnesses;
  • Our elite Certified Criminal Law Specialist designation – only an elite handful of California criminal attorneys have achieved this expert level;
  • We fight to win from the very first day and prepare for a trial – the State expects people charged with crimes to quickly plead guilty, even on flimsy evidence;
  • We care about you: your freedom, your family, and your future. We know what’s at stake and what we have to do;
  • Our track record of positive outcomes in even the most difficult cases.

People charged with a crime in California are expected to believe they haven’t got a chance. From our experience in California courts, we know that police and prosecutors often get it wrong. They cut corners, get lazy, intimidate people, and too often target the most convenient suspect for jail. The Tully Weiss team makes it a fair fight. We turn the tables on the government – hard and fast, always.

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If you are charged with a crime or believe you are under investigation – your freedom is at risk. Police and prosecutors are already at work building a case against you. For fast action 24/7 call Tully Weiss for an immediate free consultation to learn your rights.

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