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Our law firm primarily represents individuals under criminal investigation or prosecution. Each member of our firm has a reputation for aggressive defense, hard work, and courtroom success. Tully Weiss has a superb level of criminal trial experience including rough and complex trials against shrewd prosecutors in front of tough juries.

When facing serious charges, the State of California sees you as just a number. Once you have been charged with a crime and are sitting in jail, the government has zero concern for your circumstances, explanations, family, job, or future. Their only interest is jailing you as quickly and efficiently as possible. It is never too early to start planning your defense.

At Tully Weiss we know there is ALWAYS a defense. Call our criminal lawyers from anywhere in California for the high-quality representation you deserve. We cover the state from our six offices serving all 58 counties, as well as Federal court. Our team cares about you and we ALWAYS fight back.

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Defense attorney Joseph Tully is a legal author and expert for national media outlets, and assembled an aggressive team of investigators, lawyers, and paralegals. They work together as a super team that delivers high-quality representation with a great record of positive outcomes. Call Tully & Weiss and their experienced team of felony criminal lawyers if you are charged with a crime in the Bay Area, Northern California, Fresno, Los Angeles, Orange County, or anywhere in California. Our complete focus will be on keeping you out of jail and minimizing the effect of criminal charges on your career, family, and future. The sooner you call, the quicker our team can get ahead of the case and fight for your rights.

You may know Joseph Tully from the news for his landmark Stand Your Ground self-defense win, his dozens of recent newsworthy criminal defense trial victories, or perhaps you have read about his new book California: State of Collusion.  The best-selling book exposes and spotlights outrageous law enforcement misconduct prevalent throughout the California criminal justice system.

Attorney Joseph Tully

Joseph Tully brings a passion to law practice rarely seen among criminal defense lawyers and it drives his extraordinary record of positive outcomes. He outworks and out-prepares prosecutors because he knows the State's massive law enforcement and judicial machine has inherent advantages over an individual; someone caught up in the prosecutor's “presumed-guilty” criminal process.

Prosecutors know Joseph Tully will strive to uncover police misconduct or negligence, expose untruthful witnesses, seek to exclude defective evidence, and assure a judge or jury is aware of every circumstance and true fact scenario. He is an aggressive defender of your liberty. In fact, Joseph has achieved the elite expert status of California Criminal Law Specialist, a California State Bar designation affirming his beyond-the-norm experience, expertise, and effectiveness in criminal law.

As an author, Joseph's first-hand observations of law enforcement, prosecutorial and other government misconduct are the subject of his best-selling non-fiction book – California: State of Collusion


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  • This guy is the real deal.

    Amazing attorney.  Joseph is probably one of the smartest men I have met in my life.  Without sharing case info he saw through all of the other parties shenanigans and outmaneuvered them to get to the truth.  The only way I can describe him is like Master Chess player.  I'm just glad he was on my... Read On

  • call Team Tully!

    These are REAL, old school “argue-a-case” trial lawyers – not mere Plea Brokers. When the law has bent your words and actions to ‘get you' -call Team Tully! Read On

  • I highly recommend Joseph and his team

    We reached out to Joseph and his team for my cousin's case, who was wrongly accused of a very serious crime. After looking at all the reports Joseph said “we are going for not guilty of all charges nothing less”. After 10 months that's exactly what he delivered: not guilty of all charges. He will... Read On