How to Pick the Best Criminal Lawyer for your California Criminal Charge?

Trial Victories are a Great Place to Start: Compare How Often Tully & Weiss Goes to Trial and How Often They Win with Any Lawyer in California

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If you are looking for the best criminal lawyer in California, we suggest you look at criminal trial victories. Experience in a courtroom, building a defense, sharing a case with a jury, engaging the prosecutor, and fighting for victory are not skills one learns as a clerk or in an office. 

California criminal defense attorney Joseph M. Tully in California has a stellar track record defending people at trial and working hard to have them found “Not Guilty”. He leads a talented team of criminal defense attorneys that all fight for Justice for their clients.

Throughout his legal career, Joseph Tully has orchestrated dismissals of hundreds of charges and saved clients from myriad types of charges. More importantly, the firm fought to defend nearly one hundred clients in jury trial throughout California. Of those clients, the vast majority never heard the word “guilty.”

Prosecutors look closely at the defense lawyer's track record as one element they consider in reducing or dismissing charges. That's a good time to have Joseph Tully and Tully & Weiss at your side.

A Sampling of Recent Attorney Joseph Tully's Trial Victories

Success at trial is an important factor to consider when hiring a criminal defense attorney.  A conviction can destroy a person's life, ruin their family, and cost a lifetime of sorrows. Mr. Tully and the firm have two decades of criminal law experience, and specifically, scores of victorious trials. 

The firm has successfully defended people accused of serious crimes in Contra Costa County, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Alameda, Shasta, and Tehama County courthouses.  Defendants that were charged with felonies and facing grave penalties.  Joseph Tully knows California law, and how to effectively argue it at trial.

Not including successful dismissals and plea bargains, at trial Joseph Tully won:

  • First Degree Murder and attempted robbery, Not Guilty on both charges.
  • Assault with a firearm, a landmark Stand Your Ground case in California. Not Guilty.
  • Domestic violence, assault and battery causing great bodily harm, not guilty on all charges.
  • Drive-by shooting with two accounts of attempted murder. Dismissal of all charges.
  • Domestic violence, physical child abuse, Not Guilty on all charges.
  • Carrying a concealed weapon, resisting arrest. Not Guilty of the first count, dismissal of remaining charges during the trial.
  • Felonies related to the J28 Occupy protest in Oakland.  All charges dropped.  This was essentially a free speech and civil rights case in the guise of felony charges by police.
  • Assault & Battery causing serious bodily injury. Not guilty on all charges.
  • Domestic violence, child cruelty, possession of illegal assault weapon, illegally possessing large capacity magazine. Fully exonerated on all charges by either not guilty or dismissal.

The specific charges above included the following Penal Code sections: (all “not guilty” or dismissed):

  • PC 182(a)(1): Conspiracy
  • PC 187: Murder first degree
  • PC 187(a)/664: Attempted murder
  • PC 211/212.5(c)/664: Attempted robbery
  • PC 243(d): Battery causing serious bodily injury
  • PC 245(a)(2): Assault with a firearm
  • PC 245(a)(4): Assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury
  • PC 246.3(a): Discharging a firearm with gross negligence
  • PC 245(a)(4): Assault with force likely to produce bodily injury.
  • PC 246: Discharging a firearm at an occupied vehicle
  • PC 242/243(a): Battery (harmful or offensive touching)
  • PC 243(e)(1): Domestic violence with no traumatic injury
  • PC 273(a)(b): Domestic violence (child sees)
  • PC 136.1(c)(1): Witness tampering by threat (threatening or dissuading)
  • PC 594(a): Vandalism
  • PC 273.6(a): Violating a domestic violence restraining order
  • PC 422: Criminal or terroristic threats
  • PC 415(2): Disturbing the peace
  • PC 409: Rioting
  • PC 148(a)(1): Resisting arrest
  • PC 21310: Possession of a concealed illegal knife
  • PC 29800(a)(1): Felon in possession of a firearm
  • PC 30605(a): Possession of assault weapon
  • PC 32310: Manufacturing, importing or selling large capacity magazine (32 counts)

Growing up in Hollywood as a child star often leads to pressures and problems for the actors when they are adults.  In two unrelated felony cases, Mr. Tully defended a Disney Channel prodigy, and a blockbuster movie lead, and helped these young men get their lives back on the right track by protecting their rights in court.

A Similar Record of Trial Victories in California Marijuana – Cannabis – Drug Trials

Though cannabis is legal medicinally in California, it is still a Federal crime, and often prosecuted by overzealous local authorities. Many cooperatives, cultivators, and caretakers have hired Joseph Tully to defend their right to provide medicine under California law.  He is an expert on cannabis law, and juries come to realize the facts and find to acquit.

  • Marijuana possession with intent to sell, Not Guilty on all charges.
  • Marijuana sale, possession, conspiracy, Dismissal of all charges at trial.
  • Marijuana Cultivation, Dismissal of all charges.
  • Marijuana cultivation, Intent to sell. Not Guilty on all charges.
  • Medical marijuana dispensary raided and charged with Cultivation, possession with intent to sell, Sales, and Manufacturing. Fully exonerated on all charges by either not guilty or dismissal.

Related to the above items, when authorities make an arrest on a legal cannabis operation, they often confiscate cash and property in the hopes of the agency keeping it for their own uses.  Even when the operators are fully exonerated and found not guilty, the government holds on to the asset forfeiture booty until forced to release it after another jury trial. Mr. Tully has won at trial seven times the return of confiscated money and property in very substantial amounts.

The specific charges included in the above list of trial wins:

  • HS 11350(a): Possession of a controlled substance (cocaine, pills)
  • HS 11357(a): Possession of concentrated cannabis
  • HS 11358: Marijuana cultivation
  • HS 11359: Possession of marijuana with intent to sell
  • HS 11360(a): Sale of marijuana
  • PC 664 & HS 11359: Attempted possession of marijuana for sale
  • HS 11366: Owning land where you're growing illegally
  • HS 11366: Maintaining a place to use or sell controlled substance
  • HS 11379.6(a): Manufacturing a controlled substance

Trial results are not the only metric to decide on the best CA lawyer for your felony case.  However, trial experience and success at trial is a good indicator of the willingness of that lawyer to go to bat for you, and aggressively fight for justice.

Victory at trial will clear a defendant's record and get them back to their productive life.  Joseph M. Tully's trial results record speaks for itself when compared to any other California attorney or U.S. lawyer.

Disclaimer: Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.

There are many reasons an innocent person might be arrested and forced to stand trial. It could be a simple misunderstanding; false accusations; police misconduct; mistaken identity.  It takes a hard working attorney find justice for these people at trial.