Tully & Weiss is not a typical law firm. We're not focused on billing and profits, we focus on our clients and being the best that we can be. We are not a hierarchical organization, trying to multi-level market more associates and clients. We are a small to mid-size firm that takes a client-centered, all-hands-on-deck approach. Think of the difference between a regular restaurant and a family style restaurant and that's us. The goal is to do the best we can on each case for each client while maintaining the highest level of ethics, integrity, and professional standards.

Our practice does good for our clients, as well as our staff.

We can't pay as much as a government job, nor can we match their benefits, nor their retirement, nor vacations. If you're looking for top pay & benefits, go to a government job. If you're looking for mentorship, and a career based on helping others and feeling good about what you do, then look no further than Tully & Weiss. Some of our benefits include:

  • We offer 3 weeks paid vacation + 5 days sick leave per year
  • After 7 years, you get a 60-day sabbatical
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • 401k with matching employer contribution
  • Win-your-gun*

*Win-your-gun: Because you are expected to know and advocate for the Constitution, if you are an attorney and you win a jury trial, you get the gun of your choice (within reason). Also, some of our cases deal with firearms. To give effective representation, you will need at least some experience with them. Owning and properly caring for the firearm of your choice will give you a leg up in representing gun cases.

  • No ‘crybaby holidays,' but will get ½ day Movie Fridays

If July 4th is on a Saturday, you will not get Friday off. If Christmas is on a Sunday, you won't get Monday off. But you can and should schedule your vacation days to enjoy your life and extend the holiday season. The flip side is that when a fun, ‘geek event' movie comes out, you will get ½ day Fridays and the office will go see the movie.

  • Monthly gym or martial arts membership

Because life is about balance; mind, body, and spirit, Tully & Weiss will cover your monthly local gym or martial arts fees. A healthy employee can work harder and you will be expected to work hard and produce great results.

Tully & Weiss covers a vast territory, everywhere within California. If you like the adventure of long drives at night, waking up in a b&b or country hotel, facing down an unknown court, and getting great results for our clients all the while spreading peace, love, and joy, then you'll enjoy this. Another upside to being in an office with a lot of travel is that, whenever any of our employees drives someplace that has a great restaurant or bakery nearby, you'd best believe that everyone in the office gets a meal or treat brought back to them! Whether it be organic juices and ‘apple nachos' from Roots in Redding, delectable pastries from Schatt's Bakery in Eureka, or yummy Italian food from Pietro's in Lodi, if you're at Tully & Weiss, prepared to be treated well!