Is your Criminal Record Hurting Your Career? Expungement is Possible in California

Expunge (Erase) Your California Criminal Record: Our Lawyers Can Help.

A criminal record can prove more frustrating than serving the sentence itself. Finding a job is tough enough without having to explain some unfortunate past experience. Everyone makes mistakes, but a criminal record is a mistake that lingers on and on, making it almost impossible to advance in your personal and professional life. Call us about your California record expungement.

Fortunately, California Penal Code 1203.4 offers you a fresh start, allowing you to expunge your criminal record and releasing you from all penalties and disabilities associated with a conviction. Once your criminal record has been expunged, you regain the legal ability to say “no” when asked if you have a criminal record.

Don't Let the Past Determine Your Future: California Record Expungement

Success in expunging your record will change your life forever, but the process has to be done right and shouldn't be taken lightly. If you're truly ready to stop worrying about background checks and increase future career opportunities, then you need a team behind you that will ensure your expungement process is solid from the very start.

The experienced expungement attorneys at Tully & Weiss Law Firm are dedicated to making sure your record is cleared. Based in Contra Costa California we serve clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area including Alameda and Santa Clara Counties as well as Redding and all of Northern California.

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What are the Benefits to a Clean Criminal Record after Expungement?

  • Greater employment opportunities: Most employers conduct background checks prior to hiring an applicant. According to California law, employers may not discriminate based on an expunged conviction, and after expungement you have the right to say “no” when asked if you have a criminal record in nearly all employment situations.
  • Aid in immigration/deportation requirements: Expungement after a first offense conviction for a simple crime (like drug possession) can aid in avoiding mandatory deportation or the loss of your immigration options.
  • Professional organization eligibility: Joining an organization or holding a house position often requires a background check. Expungement will clear your criminal record of the conviction.
  • State licensing eligibility: Though you will be required to disclose the conviction after expungement in obtaining a state license, e.g. medical, law…, most boards weigh expungement positively in making a decision on granting a license.

It is important to keep in mind that, while expungement of a criminal record is a powerful tool, it has its limitations. For example, expungement does not:

  • Remove the conviction from being applied to other offenses for enhanced sentencing
  • Remove a strike from California's Three Strikes Law
  • Reinstate gun rights under felon with a firearm (29800 PC)
  • Reverse driver's license revocation/suspension
  • Remove the requirement to register as a California sex offender (290 PC)

However, your Tully & Weiss California expungement attorney can discuss several ways to address these issues using other methods including a Governor's Pardon or California Certificate of Rehabilitation.

Who is Eligible For A California Criminal Record Expungement?

Whether you were convicted of a felony or misdemeanor, if you are not currently being charged with a crime, on probation, or serving a sentence for a criminal charge, and you have completed any probation entirely, including all fines paid, counselling completed and community service fulfilled (or your probation was terminated) – you are eligible for criminal record expungement.

Don't worry if you've violated your probation or haven't successfully completed the terms of the probation. You may still be eligible for expungement or early probation termination. A court hearing will weigh the specifics of your case to determine your eligibility in this situation.

The Judge will consider where your probation currently stands, the original charge, any prior criminal history, and other life circumstances that may have an impact such as family status and employment opportunities.

A Tully & Weiss California expungement attorney will prepare a compelling statement of facts and line of reasoning to file and argue before the Judge, offering you the best chance of convincing the court to grant your expungement or early probation termination.

Expungement is limited under certain circumstances. If you have been sent to state prison, or have been convicted of certain crimes (including sex-based crimes with a minor or statutory rape between parties 21 years old and less than 16 years old), you are not eligible for California criminal record expungement.

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How Do I Apply For Expungement Of My California Criminal Record?

As soon as you have met the eligibility requirements listed above, contact a Tully & Weiss California expungement attorney at +1 844-788-9700  to help you get started on the track to a clean record.

First, we will discuss your case and determine that you are eligible for relief. Next, we will prepare the proper expungement application and supporting documents then filed them with the court appropriate for your case.

Once the process is initiated, you may be required to appear in court at an expungement hearing where a judge will ultimately decide whether or not to grant your motion. The judge's decision is based upon a number of factors, including the criminal offense in question, the successful completion of your probation, life circumstances and the proper filing and procedural requirements.

Your Tully & Weiss California expungement attorney can normally have a petition for expungement filed and arrange a court hearing within 60 days. We will clearly demonstrate to the court how your criminal record is preventing your being a productive member of society and why it is in the best interest of the State of California to grant an expungement.

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