How Can A Sex Crime Offense Conviction in California Affect Your Future?

Even a Sex Crime Charge is Devastating – A Criminal Lawyer Can Minimize the Damage

In the State of California, even mere allegations of a sex crime can seriously harm your professional and personal relationships. Sex crime convictions for offenses like lewd conduct, rape or statutory rape can result in severe penalties. However, there is ALWAYS a defense and our sex crime defense lawyers want to help.

You should know California law imposes harsh sentencing for sex crime offenses, including prison time, hefty fines, sentencing enhancements (add-ons to any basic sentence) and possible deportation for non-citizens. Even worse, you may face the requirement for lifetime registration as a California sex offender, affecting your ability to gain employment, housing, bank loans and other benefits. In addition, registration violations can be charged as a separate felony.

An enormous amount of government funds are spent in the ruthless pursuit of sexual offenders. Far-reaching sting operations, media scrutiny and the current political climate make it all the more likely that innocent people will be accused or convicted of a California sex crime. Jealous ex-partners, angry school officials, casual student complaints and mere misunderstandings can lead to charges of a sex crime – you see it in the news every day. People wrongly convicted released after 5, 10, 20 years of prison.

If you are being investigated for, or have been arrested of a sexual offense, it is imperative that you act now to defend your rights, proclaim your innocence, and preserve your future. A Tully & Weiss California sex crime defense attorney is your key to fighting conviction and keeping your record clean.

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List of California Sex Crimes – Our Sex Crime Defense Lawyers Can Help

California sex crimes include acts considered to be deviant sexual behavior under California law. Some of the sex crime offenses Tully & Weiss criminal defense attorneys handle include:

  • Lewd Conduct: Engaging in or soliciting the touching of genitals, buttocks or female breast for the purpose of public sexual arousal, gratification, annoyance or offense;
  • Rape: Nonconsensual (no consent) sexual intercourse accomplished by means of threats, force, or fraud;
  • Statutory Rape: Sexual intercourse with a minor (under age 18), whether consensual or not;
  • Registration Violations: Violating laws regarding the requirement to register as a California sex offender.

How can you Defend against a Sex Crime Allegation?

Because of the lifetime sex offender registry requirement, plea agreements may not be acceptable. In trial, the jury is often faced with deciding your future based on your word against theirs, a “He Said, She Said” situation. This is why a hard-hitting, aggressive California sex crime defense attorney with experience in cases defending charges of lewd conduct, rape, statutory rape and registration violations is critical to a successful outcome.

Our experience shows that an optimal sex crime defense strategy employs a complex array of specific techniques and tools. The Tully & Weiss California sex crime defense attorneys engage our team of expert psychologists, private investigators, and forensic examiners in your defense and meticulously examine the prosecution's case for weaknesses, police misconduct, illegal search and seizure and witness credibility.

Defenses may include disproving the act ever occurred or proving the act was consensual – depending on the charges.

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What Should You Do If You Are Accused Of or Charged With A Sex Crime?

If you are being accused of a sex crime, do not speak with your accuser, law enforcement or any other potentially involved person. Although an innocent person would naturally believe that to be the best strategy, it is not. If police are talking to you (or if you have been charged) about involvement in a sex crime, you are already a suspect, no matter what they tell you about “Clearing things up.”

Politely and firmly explain you want to check with your attorney before answering ANY questions. Make a call to speak immediately with a Tully & Weiss sex crime defense lawyer at +1 844-788-9700 . We will discuss your case and outline your best defense.

Joseph Tully and the Tully Weiss team have an exceptional track record with felony and misdemeanor sex crime charges throughout Contra Costa and Alameda Counties and across California. Our California Criminal Law Specialists have been listed on the Top 100 Trial Lawyers numerous times and stay ahead of the prosecution.

We work tirelessly to identify weaknesses and falsehoods in the prosecution's case, to aggressively defend your rights and protect your freedom.