Joseph Tully

Founding Partner, Criminal Law Specialist

Our founding attorney, Joseph Tully, is sought out for his expert legal advice throughout California. With over 20 years' experience as a criminal lawyer, in 1000+ felony and other cases, Tully served as felony trial counsel as a public defender before launching Tully & Weiss in May 2001.  Joseph Tully is a leading California criminal lawyer and author. As a criminal defense attorney he helps people defend their liberty and reputation in a broken criminal justice system. Joseph Tully and his firm have remarkable record of earning Not Guilty verdicts is based on hard work and dedication. They fight for the best possible outcome for each client.

With a statewide trial schedule that would exhaust the Lincoln Lawyer, Joseph Tully also provides expert commentary for media networks. Joseph provides legal analysis for media outlets and cable channels such as the East Bay Times, Law & Crime TV, 60 Minutes, Rolling Stone, and talk radio stations.

Joseph is both an author and lawyer.  His book California: State of Collusion is an Amazon top seller. The gripping book documents abuses of the power granted to law enforcement and the judiciary by We the People. Conspiracy, cover ups, racial prejudice, sociopathic cops, backroom deals, and other outrages in California's criminal justice system are the subjects of Joseph's explosive volume. 

Celebrity clients are just like all clients, and all clients are treated special. Respect, professionalism, discretion, and hard work for all. For Joseph Tully each client is a person with a life, a family, a job, a personal history – a human in trouble; someone he can help with a skill set developed over 15 years as a criminal lawyer. He will know your kids' names, how your job is going, and he won't judge you. Everyone at his law firm, Tully Weiss, treats every person with respect.

A Contra Costa County based criminal lawyer with a statewide California criminal defense practice. Joseph Tully has the qualifications you would expect when you are looking for the best criminal lawyer in Contra Costa County, the best criminal attorney in Alameda County or the best defense counsel anywhere in California:

  • 20+ Years' experience as a criminal lawyer – 1000+ felony and other cases
  • Felony trial counsel as a public defender before launching Tully & Weiss
  • Certified Criminal Law Specialist by the California Board of Legal Specialization
  • National Trial Lawyers “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” multiple years
  • Extraordinary record of victories in high profile Cannabis trials
  • Precedent setting win in hotly contested Stand Your Ground murder trial
  • Scores of great outcomes in “hopeless” cases others declared impossible

Joseph Tully is a Certified Criminal Law Specialist, an elite certification awarded to less than 1% of California lawyers by the California Board of Legal Specialization. Also, Joseph Tully has been listed among National Trial Lawyers' “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” multiple years.  He has an extraordinary record of victories in high profile cannabis trials from Redding to Contra Costa County and a precedent-setting win in a hotly contested Stand Your Ground murder trial. His diligence and meticulous preparation has resulted in scores of great outcomes for cases others declared impossible.

Our California Criminal Defense Attorneys Help With All Charges

Joseph Tully and team are available 24/7 and can quickly meet you in jail or at your location. Start your defense on the right track from the very first step.

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    Amazing attorney.  Joseph is probably one of the smartest men I have met in my life.  Without sharing case info he saw through all of the other parties shenanigans and outmaneuvered them to get to the truth.  The only way I can describe him is like Master Chess player.  I'm just glad he was on my...
  • call Team Tully!

    These are REAL, old school “argue-a-case” trial lawyers – not mere Plea Brokers. When the law has bent your words and actions to ‘get you' -call Team Tully!
  • I highly recommend Joseph and his team

    We reached out to Joseph and his team for my cousin's case, who was wrongly accused of a very serious crime. After looking at all the reports Joseph said “we are going for not guilty of all charges nothing less”. After 10 months that's exactly what he delivered: not guilty of all charges. He will...