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Fit for Trial: My Lawyer Workout

Posted by Joseph Tully | Nov 13, 2019

The busier I get as a lawyer, the MORE time I have to work out. Being physically fit, as well as mentally fit, prepares you to function at your peak. Not every attorney has time to work on themselves. Here are some tips for attorneys to fit in fitness between cases. 😉


​You gotta exercise for your right to bare your guns. Am I Right? Building muscle strength and definition with the kettlebell is a convenient task using your briefcase. If you have a light caseload, you might be in the 8 to 10 pounder range. Or if you have a serious load, you might be lugging 20 pounds or more around. Curls, swings, rows, and pulls will help you flex your legal muscles. Winning motions start here.



Running stairs are a great way to keep your wind during summary and your heart steady during the verdict. Courthouse steps are perfect for getting in your cardio and building up your endurance. Bonus, if you are always running late, you can literally do sprints.


I practice yoga as often as I can. It helps strengthen my core, both body and mind. As a member of the California Bar, I practice law all over California from Redding to LA, which means I have time in the car. Yoga is a great workout that does not take much space or any special equipment. Which makes it perfect for commute time.


Your entire body benefits from a properly done deadlift. Adjust the weight to your optimal workout by adding or removing weights or files from your lift. If you are moving lots of files from a big case, you can adjust reps as necessary. Bigger cases have potential for bigger lifts.

Push Ups

Your upper body is what is most seen by the judge and jury in court, so don't slack on the pushups. These can really help you fill out a nice suit, and help that special tie POP against your pecs. You can drop and do twenty anytime. Drop a pen during voir dire? That's an opportunity for a quick five. Rail of the Jury Box? Incline push-ups. Filling the copier paper drawer? Easy ten reps.

Please always ask the permission of the court to workout while a trial is in session. I am pretty serious about my fitness, and I am very serious about the law and helping my clients. If you need aggressive criminal defense for serious crimes in California, please give me a call – Joseph M. Tully of Tully & Weiss, Attorneys at Law.

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