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FINALLY: Complete Justice for Planet Herb

Posted by Joseph Tully | Oct 26, 2015

Justice prevails! The Planet Herb case defended at trial by Joseph Tully is finally resolved. After more than a year of defending the legitimate operation of their medical marijuana dispensary, Planet Herb has been fully exonerated and this week all confiscated property ordered returned to them. Finally!

Charree and Linda are brave women who stood up for their rights, and the rights of all medical cannabis providers in California.

The ordeal for Planet Herb started on July 29th 2014, when the mother and daughter operators of Planet Herb had their home and dispensary stormed by the

Shasta Interagency Narcotics Task Force (SINTF), the Siskiyou County Narcotic Task Force (SCINTF), the Redding Police Department, and the Shasta County Sheriff's Office, serving a Shasta County Superior Court search warrant.

The women have lived in Shasta County for 15 years, and the Planet Herb collective had been a cornerstone serving patients in the community since 2009.

Joseph M. Tully of the criminal defense law firm of Tully and Weiss defended the accused and fought for their freedom at trial. The women both stood trial on eight felony counts, including maintaining a place for the sale or use of controlled substances, selling or transporting marijuana, possessing marijuana for sale, possession of concentrated cannabis, and manufacture of a controlled substance.

In the first Planet Herb first trial ending in January of this year, the jury failed to reach verdicts. The Shasta District Attorney Office then dropped all the charges except for the one of Manufacturing.

The re-trial in March 2015 continued the persecution of Planet Herb, and Joseph Tully persisted vigorously in his marijuana criminal defense. The Manufacturing retrial resulted in the jury finding the accused NOT GUILTY after only two hours of deliberations. Though the Shasta County jury fully acquitted Redding's Planet Herb medical collective mother and daughter, the County still held onto all of the confiscated medicine, supplies, and “evidence” grabbed by deputies during the raid. It came upon Mr. Tully and Planet Herb to fight once again in court to have their property returned.

Mr. Tully and the MMJ community can take the fight county to county if we have to, but with results like this, we might not need to. We are sending a message to DAs and Sheriffs that medical marijuana is the LAW in California. Thanks to all for support.

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