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Tully & Weiss Presents: Fitness to Martinez

Posted by Joseph Tully | Jul 01, 2022

Get moving Martinez! Summer is here, the weather is great, and we can all enjoy our town together. This Summer, Tully & Weiss Charities has teamed with Downtown Martinez & Co. to stimulate the community with health and fitness, while giving a boost to local fitness businesses impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Tully & Weiss Charities is paying local gyms, trainers, and fitness businesses to provide YOU with a fun, free, summer of fitness.

Click Here for the list of FREE fitness and wellness classes for Martinez!

Tully & Weiss Attorneys at Law are a proud part of the Martinez community. Our office on Main Street has a front row view on the heart of Martinez, the Downtown. While we work hard for our clients, we also save a portion of our income to give back to our town. We have supported the Bulldogs, the ice rink, and provided grants to local businesses during lock-downs. Families and businesses have felt and continue to feel the impacts of COVID-19. Businesses and communities continue to struggle alike with not only the economic impacts but physical and mental effects as well.

This will give local businesses a boost, give hundreds of families access to classes promoting health and well being, and stimulate sales for the City of Martinez. Win-Win-Win!

This is our third round of funding, with $14,000 to seven local Martinez health and fitness facilities. The funding will give the local Martinez community access to FREE fitness and encourage local residents to focus on their health and well being while stimulating local Martinez fitness businesses that were deeply impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.

***participants must be a Martinez resident and present identification. ***Consult with your physician before beginning any exercise routine***

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