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Thoughts on Redemption, by Joseph Tully

Posted by Joseph Tully | Mar 05, 2021


There was a concept introduced a long, long time ago as something that should be a pinnacle value. It was called “redemption.”

If someone is truly sorry and asks for forgiveness and has since become a better person, we all benefit from them asking for redemption and us giving them redemption.

I'm not speaking of the legal system here, breaking the law must have consequences but the legal system must be FAIR. Keeping the system fair and protecting the falsely accused is the role that defense attorneys play. But I digress.

It seems that we have aII but abandoned redemption. It used to have a central role in our society but we seem to have replaced it with finger pointing, judgment, and eternal vindictiveness. When we allow for redemption, we allow for someone to grow beyond a past mistake. That means there is growth. That means the universe has become a better place.

Seek redemption. Offer redemption. Accept redemption. We can all help make each other better and, in doing so, we all benefit.

Joseph Tully is a California criminal defense attorney. As a criminal law specialist, Joseph has been certified by the California Bar as one of only a small elite percentage of attorneys in California who have been certified experts by the State Bar. He works hard to fight for the rights of all, and to make sure the firm's clients are vigorously defended at trial. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and deserves a fair trial. The offices of Tully and Weiss Attorneys at Law are located in the Bay Area, Fresno, Redding, and LA/OC.

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