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False Domestic Violence Charges Recanted by Deondre Francois’ Ex – Or Maybe Not

Posted by Joseph Tully | Feb 04, 2019


Domestic violence is a serious offense, but false claims – and there are many – ruin lives. That's what Florida State quarterback Deondre Francoisis going through right now. He's been dismissed from the football program after his former girlfriend, Diamond Lindsay, accused him of abuse.

Then, one day later, she appeared to have recanted most of her claims. Not so fast – her family says Lindsay's phone was hacked and the message she posted on Instagram regarding her recantation was fake. The whole situation is a mess.

Expletive Filled Video

Lindsay had earlier posted an expletive-filled video on Instagram alleging abuse by Francois, but the 24-second clip featured only audio and not any physical conflict or the faces of either party. The apology was also posted on the account, but both the video and apology have since been deleted.

The Tallahassee Police Department says no one reported this domestic violence incident, but they did investigate a previous domestic violence complaint and the case was closed after the investigating officer found Francois and his ex-girlfriend to have given very different versions of the story. In this situation, it was Francois who called the cops, saying his former girlfriend was in his home and tearing things apart.

He said he picked her up to carry her outside so she would stop the destruction, and she began ripping her shirt and saying she was going to call the police and report domestic violence. A fellow football player witnessed the incident, and told police that the woman was upset, breaking glasses, throwing a vase and trying to destroy a TV set.

The Apology

Whoever posted the apology stated that while there was verbal abuse involved, it did not include any physicality such as hitting. The poster apologized to Francois and his family for “ultimately diminishing his character.” The person said she simply wanted attention from Francois after their breakup and posting the video was a way she thought to get it.

“The sounds you hear in the video are me throwing things and hitting him. I should never have made it seem like he was hitting me,” according to the post. Oh, and along the way, she also ruined his career.

The Perils of False Domestic Violence Accusations

A young man with a promising future in football must now give up those dreams, and with an accusation – although not a charge – of domestic violence over his head, his overall future is in jeopardy. The fact is that as many as 70 percent of domestic violence cases filed are either false or misrepresented.

Why would someone make such a serious, phony accusation? There are lots of reasons, and revenge is a primary motivator. That's what Lindsay's so-called apology sounds like. She was mad about the breakup, and she would get back at Francois.

The apology post states: “The only way to get his attention was through Instagram and spiteful actions. I had no clue the video was that serious and would go viral to the point that he'd be dismissed. I was mad and made a decision out of anger.”

There are also people suffering from mental illness or substance abuse issues who make such allegations, or those going through a divorce or child custody fight who figure a domestic violence accusation will favor their case. No matter the reason, if charges are filed, the accused may lose their job, professional licenses and right to own firearms – and they could end up in jail and/or owing substantial fines.

Since no charges were filed in the Francois case, he's not in current danger of incarceration or fines, but his professional career appears over at age 21 due to what is likely a lie. While he is now in the transfer portal, the odds of him getting picked up by another team are slim to none.

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