California Cannabis Law:  Compliance and Criminal Defense Attorneys

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Marijuana, which is now referred to as cannabis under California law, has a long and tenuous history with the law.

Legal medicine in the State since 1996, and available recreationally since 2016, the production, distribution, and consumption of cannabis continues to be a delicate legal subject. Especially since cannabis is scheduled as a dangerous drug at the Federal level under the Controlled Substance Act (21 U.S.C. §811).

Local councils, law enforcement, and prosecutors often choose to interject their personal opinions on cannabis,  California law, on the other hand, has long had protections for medical cannabis, and adult adult personal use and commercial production and distribution.

Don't Go to Jail for a Plant

Years of cannabis criminal defense lend themselves to a robust cannabis legal compliance practice. Not only go we aggressively defend clients arrested for marijuana crimes, we also work to help keep growers and vendors within the law so they can avoid arrest in the first place. Areas where an attorney can help:


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Joseph Tully has gone to trial representing cannabis defendants all over California. Defending HUGE grows and small, as well as distributors of every scale. Our success at defense informs our proactive approach to helping you make sure you are in compliance with California's often shifting and confusing regulations. Attorney Ashley Bargenquast works on both criminal defense, as well as the complex practice of cannabis compliance. The firm is a member of the California NORML Legal committee, and has been cited by the Marijuana Policy Project, High Times, and many organizations.  Call now for the help you need to stay our of harm's way.