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Charges Dropped against Heidi Lepp in Marijuana Case

Posted by Joseph Tully | Mar 05, 2019 | 0 Comments

The Davis Vanguard by  David Greenwald,  March 5, 2019 Heidi Lepp will not have to return to court after all.  Ten days after a jury was unable to reach a verdict in the case where Ms. Lepp was charged with two felony conspiracy charges, prosecutors decided that they lacked the evidence needed to...

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Can Brain Scans Predict Your Risk of Committing a Crime?

Posted by Joseph Tully | Mar 01, 2019 | 0 Comments

You've been convicted of a violent crime. You walk into the courtroom for sentencing and see a scan of your brain projected on the big screen. A neuroscientist is on the stand circling an area of the scan with her laser pointer. “You can see here,” she says, “that the defendant is 100% likely to ...

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Hung jury in reverend’s trial

Posted by Joseph Tully | Feb 21, 2019 | 0 Comments

Yuba County DA to decide if prosecutors should retry case against self-proclaimed Rastafarian church leader Appeal-Democrat by  Rachel Rosenbaum,  February 21, 2019 After two and a half days of deliberation, a Yuba County jury could not agree on a verdict in the marijuana conspiracy case against ...

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Reverend’s Fate is Now in Jury’s Hands

Posted by Joseph Tully | Feb 15, 2019 | 0 Comments

Appeal-Democrat by  Rachel Rosenbaum,  February 15, 2019 Jurors are now deliberating two felony conspiracy charges against Rastafarian church leader Heidi Lepp. After hearing closing arguments from the prosecution and defense, jurors will now decide whether they believe Lepp is guilty of conspiri...

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Yuba County DA rests case against reverend

Posted by Joseph Tully | Feb 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

Trial of Rastafarian church leader continues; arrested after foothills Appeal-Democrat by  Rachel Rosenbaum,  February 13, 2019 Prosecutors rested their case Wednesday against a Rastafarian church leader and the defense called an expert in medical marijuana. After two days off, the trial against ...

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A holy woman or a scam artist?

Posted by Joseph Tully | Feb 06, 2019 | 0 Comments

Trial of self-proclaimed Rastafarian reverend begins; arrested after foothill pot grow shooting Appeal-Democrat by  Rachel Rosenbaum,  February 6, 2019 Yuba County prosecutors want jurors to believe that Heidi Lepp's Rastafarian church was a scam. The defense wants them to believe that she's a re...

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Florida Deputy Fired for Falsifying Narcotics Evidence

Posted by Joseph Tully | Feb 05, 2019 | 0 Comments

Possession of substantial amounts of heroin can get a person sent to prison for a long time. Possession of large quantities of laundry detergent? Not a crime. A Florida deputy has been terminated from his job and 11 people were released from county jail because of the phony evidence the deputy, S...

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A Year Later, Still No Answers for Family of Bijan Ghaisar

Posted by Joseph Tully | Jan 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

Last year, Bijan Ghaisar died ten days after the National Park Police in Virginia opened fire and shot the unarmed 25-year-old motorist four times in the head at point-blank range after a minor collision. A total of nine shots were fired. Since the shooting on November 17, 2017, neither the Park ...

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