7 Dirty Cops Hollywood Got Right

We wish Tinsel Town was off-base when it came to their portrayal of dirty cops. Unfortunately, there are far too many policemen out there who remind us of these “public servants”... We salute the good people in law enforcement but the bad apples have to go.

The Simpsons – Chief Wiggum

As California criminal lawyers we constantly see Chief Wiggum’s traits among law enforcement:

  • Narcissist
  • Books people for no apparent reason (tried to give Homer and Marge the death penalty!)
  • Disinterest in facts of the case
  • Lack of education about the law
  • Trigger happy
  • Singular desire to further his own career

Fun fact: Badge reads ‘cash bribes only.’

True Blood – Andy Bellefleur

Andy Bellefleur
Image source: tumblr/@voteforandy-blog

In the criminal cases we defend there’s too-often an Andy cop:

  • Passionately pursues the wrong suspect
  • Stubborn
  • Highly manipulatable
  • Addicted to the very substance he’s supposed to be regulating (vampire blood!)
  • Perpetually gets in way of the truth
  • Ignorance = liability
  • Loose cannon

Fun fact: Putty in women’s hands.

Bad Lieutenant – The Lieutenant

The Lieutenant
Image Source: tumblr/@vulgerauterism

Lieutenant, don’t you have some brothers here in Contra Costa County? Your traits seem familiar.

  • Illegal hard drug use
  • Gambles
  • Hocks evidence for cash
  • Lies
  • Blackmails innocents into doing his bidding
  • All around psycho

Fun fact: Wake up and smell the cocaine! This bad lieutenant likes to do hard drugs immediately after dropping his kids off at Catholic school.

The Departed – Sergeant Colin Sullivan

Sergeant Colin Sullivan
Image Source: tumblr/itsamole
  • Betrays trust of fellow troopers
  • On the payroll for organized crime
  • Daddy issues
  • Homicidal
  • Lives double life
  • Looks great in uniform

Fun fact: Based on actual Boston cop John Connolly!

Super Bad – Slater and Michaels

Slater and Michaels
Image Source: tumblr/@godlybvng

If only these guys didn’t so closely resemble SF Bay Area law enforcement.

  • Use sirens and lights to get through traffic
  • Beavis and Butthead of law enforcement
  • Drink on the job
  • Easily fooled
  • Use guns like toys
  • Think laws don’t apply to them
  • Enjoy drinking games with breathalyzer

Fun fact: There are definitely some millennial cop partners out there exactly like this.

Filth – Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson

Detective Sergeant Bruce Robertson
Image Source: tumblr/@jamesmacvoy

I think Robertson penned the manual for Alameda County Sheriffs and Richmond PD.

  • Sociopath
  • Enjoys systematic bullying
  • Too much testosterone
  • Controls others
  • Obsessed with promotion
  • Lacks empathy entirely
  • Chemically imbalanced

Fun fact: ^ All somehow charming with a Scottish accent.

South Park – Officer Barbrady

Officer Barbrady
Image Source: tumblr/@south-park-gifs

Some bad apples in Bay Area law enforcement in a nutshell.

  • Terrible vocabulary
  • Suspiciously never seen without shades
  • Big fan of unnecessary force
  • Taser happy
  • Can be outsmarted by children
  • Expressionless

Fun fact: Early in his law enforcement career, Officer Barbrady was sent to school by the mayor to learn to read.


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