Have You Been Charged With a Crime in California?

Tully & Weiss Experienced Criminal Lawyers Can Help

Contra Costa & Alameda County CA based criminal lawyer Joseph Tully, author of California: State of Collusion (2018) and legal expert for media outlets, founded Tully & Weiss to deliver the best defense for people facing criminal charges in Alameda, Contra Costa or any California Federal or State Court.

The Tully & Weiss aggressive criminal defense attorneys, investigators and staff work tirelessly to minimize the effect of a criminal charge on your life and career while proactively seeking to have charges dismissed.

Joseph Tully founded the firm to represent people caught up in flawed prosecutions by arrogant and uncaring law enforcement – his legal team’s track record of winning complex cases against tough prosecutors and unreliable evidence speaks for itself.

Tully & Weiss offers a free consult to people charged with crimes in any Contra Costa, Alameda or any California Court. Call now to learn your rights: 
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Joseph Tully and the Tully & Weiss Team Work in All CA State and Federal Courts

The Tully & Weiss criminal lawyers have exceptional track records defending felony and misdemeanor cases including:

  • Marijuana Charges
  • Drug Offenses
  • Sex Crimes
  • White Collar Federal & State Crimes
  • Murder and Other Violent Felonies
  • Domestic Assault and Family Violence
  • Firearm Offenses and Gang Charges
  • Theft Crimes from Shoplifting to Embezzlement

Our criminal law specialists also handle DUI cases, expungements, and civil rights cases including wrongful police shootings.

If you are charged with a drug crime, sex offense, business or gun crime, or other felony we offer a free consultation so you can learn your rights. Connect with a criminal law specialist:
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Prosecutors are Building their Case – Hire a Lawyer Quickly

Tully & Weiss California criminal lawyers have four decades’ combined experience with more than 1000 felony and misdemeanor cases handled in Contra Costa, Alameda, San Francisco and all California counties.

We have an exceptional reputation in the legal community for outworking the prosecution and preparing an aggressive detailed defense from day one. The prosecutors take us seriously. This is essential as we try to have your charges quickly reduced or dismissed completely so you can get back to your family and job.

Our Criminal Defense Attorneys – We are Different, Here’s Why 

Clients tell us they select Tully & Weiss for some or all of these reasons:

Certified Criminal Law Specialist:  Joseph Tully holds the elite designation of Certified Specialist in Criminal Law, an honor reserved to less than 1% of California attorneys;

Track Record & High Visibility Victories: Tully & Weiss has an exceptional track record for positive outcomes including recently the California precedent setting stand your ground self-defense victory in a homicide trial and 7 (to date) consecutive wins in high profile marijuana trials. Our extraordinary win record runs across every criminal category in more than 1000 cases;

Aggressive Hardworking Legal Team: We always outwork the prosecution. They’re busy, often lazy in their arrogance, and our entire team works for our clients’ liberty as diligently as we would for an immediate family member facing serious charges. It makes a difference and our positive outcomes prove it;

We Turn the Tables on District Attorneys: We start trial preparation immediately. The California criminal justice system is based on prosecutors bullying people into accepting a plea bargain, regardless of the strength of the case or circumstances surrounding the alleged crime. We turn the tables and make prosecutors prove early on each and every element of their case – if they can’t, we seek dismissal of all charges;

Joseph Tully’s Reputation for Uncovering Bad Prosecutions: Criminal specialist Joseph Tully, author of California: State of Collusion, has a hard earned reputation for exposing police misconduct, tainted evidence, unreliable witnesses and law enforcement misdeeds. These are all grounds for many of the dismissals he earns for clients. Prosecutors think twice before going to court against this passionate and meticulous advocate.

Here’s What We Do Immediately for People Charged with a Crime

Law enforcement often gets it wrong. The facts, proof, circumstances, witnesses…all must come together flawlessly for a District Attorney to get a conviction and the reality is, There is ALWAYS a defense.

Prosecutors do not expect an aggressive defense because they rarely face them so they often over-charge people or don’t do their homework in identifying a guilty party – they often go with the easiest target based on weak evidence or conjecture.

Your Tully & Weiss attorneys thrive in this environment. Within hours after becoming our client the Tully & Weiss defense team (including investigators, experts, and very experienced lawyers):

  • Seek a reduction or elimination of bail if you’re in jail;
  • Demand (and receive) all evidence and witnesses against you;
  • Review the arrest and warrant for Constitutional rights violations;
  • Investigate witnesses against you to expose untruthful statements;
  • Seek to have illegally obtained evidence thrown out;
  • Examine the backgrounds of police and law enforcement experts;
  • Scrutinize each piece of alleged evidence for accuracy and relevance;
  • Uncover every circumstance surrounding the alleged guilty conduct;

And we begin to prepare for trial as aggressively as if the outcome of the case would determine the fate of the world - because for someone facing criminal charges, it IS their world. We are always read with your best defense.

In California’s criminal justice system the odds are stacked against you but the Tully & Weiss team consistently turns the tables on prosecutors and aggressively fights for your rights, your liberty and your future. If you are facing criminal charges in any Alameda, Contra Costa or other Northern California court, call now to learn your best defense in a no-cost first consult:
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