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Author and Attorney Joseph Tully interviewed on KRCR TV News

Posted by Joseph Tully | Jan 09, 2022

Redding Attorney Joseph Tully speaks on criminal justice system, and his best-selling book, on KRCR TV News

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REDDING, Calif. — He's an attorney with offices up and down the state, and an author, and he calls Redding home: Joseph Tully has tried some high-profile cases in Shasta County.

Joseph Tully has taken on cases like the Carlos Zapata misdemeanor trial.

With Tully & Weiss Law Firm presence in San Francisco, Martinez, Los Angeles, Fresno, and Redding, about a year and a half ago, Tully chose maybe the least likely place to live.

“I've always loved it up here. My whole life we could come up here camping, so Redding is actually one of my most favorite spots on Earth,” explained Tully. “So it was always when I wanted to think of some place really happy and beautiful I would think of Redding. We had so much business up here and kept getting more and more business, and I just decided we needed more of a presence here so I moved up.”

Tully's book came out about three years ago. California: State of Collusion, Power, Conspiracy and Cover ups in a Failed Criminal Justice System pulls no punches.

“The book had to be written and I decided early on that I was going to tell the truth and not worry about the consequences,” said Tully. “I'm not denigrating the system, we have a great system, but there's a whole lot of ego involved in criminal justice. There's a whole lot of unfairness, there's a whole lot of injustice.”

He emphasizes the book is not all critical.

“I decided early on that I was going to tell the truth and not worry about the consequences,” said Joseph Tully on writing his book.

“Not all cops are bad. The good cops are amazing. The good judges are amazing. The good [District Attorney's] are amazing, and in fact, the good ones are some of the best people you will ever meet in your life,” Tully shared.

The book is available on Amazon as well as other outlets.

Tully also said he had been approached to run for Shasta County District Attorney, but decided against it.

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Founding Partner, Criminal Law Specialist Our founding attorney, Joseph Tully, is sought out for his expert legal advice throughout California. With over 20 years of experience as a criminal lawyer, in 1000+ felony and other cases, Tully served as felony trial counsel as a public defender before...